As a patient of 1,2 Smile I would like to say I was extremely satisfied with the work done to my teeth. 3 years ago my teeth was giving me loads of problems and ultimately it had a negative impact on my life. Crowns, fillings and some teeth broke or was falling out- I could barely eat any solid foods. I therefore could only eat fruit and soft foods.

I was so self-conscious over my teeth that I would put my hand in front of my mouth whenever I smiled or laughed. My confidence had hit rock bottom. 1,2 Smile took me in their capable hands and what an unbelievable transformation it was.

I now have a mouth full of beautiful teeth and I can’t stop smiling. What’s more I have my confindence back as well as the ability to eat whatever I want, especially juicy, green apples.

I can’t thank Dr. Grové and his team enough.

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